So sorry it’s been so long…

Ugh, that thing called “life” happened again and dragged me away from writing things on the Internet. How inconvenient, right?

So it looks like it’s been about 5 months since my last post and I’ve had some thoughts about what I want this blog to BE. I feel like I’m going through this strange inner growth spurt (I’m sure that’s a thing) and certain habits and people just don’t go with this new person that I’m becoming.

And that’s okay.

So in terms of reading and reviewing books… it’s just not going to happen in that structured kind of way that I thought was working for me. Lately I’ve been finding that I’m finishing a lot more books than I’m actually starting.

I even looked at my bookshelves the other night and said to my fiancĂ©, “I’m just so sick of having books. I need to get rid of them.”

He almost fell off the couch and he begged me to let him record me saying that, most likely to use it against me during another moment of weakness in a book shop.

But I think I was serious. I’m afraid this “phase” might be something that sticks.

And again, that’s okay.

I’ve been borrowing heaps of books from my local library and I highly doubt that I will run out of reading material any time soon.

During my hiatus from the blog I’ve also been working on my Goodreads TBR list. I’ve decided to abandon my quest to read the 1000 Books To Read Before You Die and work on my TBR list in a chronological order. I’ve gone back to the first books I put on my Goodreads TBR list waaaayyy back in 2011 and I’m working on reading through what I can borrow from the library (if I don’t own a copy already) and eliminating the books I have no interest in anymore.

This new quest has made me realise that my taste literature has definitely changed over the last 5 years (again, this is okay and only natural of course).

So I’m thinking that I’ll take a different route with this blog and make it more of a relaxed record of what I’ve been reading and scratching off my long arse list.

It will definitely be more aimless than ever.

Heck, I might surprise myself and get rid of the “book” side to this blog completely and just waffle on about random things in my life.

I’m really curious to see how whether other readers out there have these slumps and “inner growth spurts”. Let me know in the comments if you’ve ever gone through a bookshelf cull and eliminated masses from your TBR list. What sparked it and how did you feel afterwards?